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Celebration of Happy Valentines Day 2019

The celebration of happy Valentine’s Day 2019 is on February 14, and although it is not a holiday or holiday, it is quite important and many people like to do so.

Shortly after finishing Christmas and New Year, the stores are filled with ornaments, greeting cards, flowers and Valentine’s gifts. Hearts abound, both in commercial establishments and in schools. Everyone is preparing to celebrate on February 14.

While in other countries is known as the day of the couple , or the day of love , in the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated love but also friendship.

In schools, children write and distribute greeting cards called Valentine cards, as well as heart-shaped candies. They also do some craft for their parents.

On Valentine’s Day you can see people walking down the street with flowers, balloons, chocolates, who have received or will give as gifts to someone else.

The restaurants have special dinners for couples on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, and romantic movies are also often released at the cinema.

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Activities on Valentine’s Day

  • If you have young children, you can make a small Valentine’s party, in which they make paper crafts – the Valentines – to exchange between them.
  • If they are teenagers, they will surely want to attend a party on the occasion of this special day.
  • With your partner, instead of going to a restaurant, which will surely be full of people, you can make a break to spend the night alone in a hotel, enjoying being together.

The controversy of Valentine’s Day between couples

There are those who complain that Valentine is a consumerist party that aims to make commercial establishments fill their pockets.

They say that they do not need a specific day to show their love, and that they prefer to do it every day of the year through small gestures.

The opposite trend is to prepare for the big day – February 14 – thinking and buying a gift that shows generosity and love to the recipient. In such a case, it is common to gift jewelry, especially diamonds, in the United States. Some women are offended and obfuscated if their partner does not make an expensive gift on Valentine’s Day.



How to get to the medium term

Even if you are not a materialist, who does not like to receive a gift on Valentine’s Day, especially if you are a woman. It does not have to be expensive. Actually, if the relationship is good , a gift of whatever kind, regardless of its price, will always be well received.

Doing something different that day is also another way of saying I love you , without spending a fortune or succumbing to the consumerist impulse. Instead of arriving from work and sitting in front of the TV, or doing the usual routine with the children, you can dine by candlelight while the children watch a movie. Listen to romantic music. The point is to find a way to keep alive the flame of love and attraction.

Think of it as Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary: it is the commemoration of a special feeling. Imagine not wishing your partner a happy anniversary!

If you do not have a partner

  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, and remember that it is not just a day for love but also friendship and deep relationships.
  • If you are a single mom, celebrate the love between you and your children. What greater love is there than that?

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