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Breakup Day

Breakup Day is the last day of valentines day event, it is on 21 february 2017, it comes after missing day. It is on After the most loved and romantic days of February, there is a day breakup day that is about to happen on 21th of the February. After those successful and joyful days of February some has to feel the pain of breakup. Breakup is the disconnection between two persons, those persons who were in love with each other badly. Let’s suppose that you are in love with someone, your days and nights have spent with them. Your days can’t be spend without them, days are other things not even a minute, there was not even a minute in which you didn’t talk to them, you didn’t text him, you didn’t fight with them, you didn’t wish the,, you didn’t admire them, those were the moments in which you found your life.

But what happens when they leave you, what will you do except accepting the decisions of fate. The situation at that time is like that if someone ask you to tell them how much you love them, but you can’t express them in words, you can’t express in words but the world needs the words. Some relations are kept with words, though they don’t need words but these are must as a formality.

You are like look at the sky and count the stars, the stars have no limit, this is my love, and it doesn’t has the limits. My love for my love ones is infinite. But unfortunately the thing that is infinite is actually doesn’t matters. If someone forgot you, let them forget you because there nature and situation is different, you should not forget them as you have loved them, if you forget them then your love was also not a love it was just time pass. So prove your love and tell them you are the one who is always there for you. This breakup day is actually for those who haven’t forget their love ones.

Breakup Day

1.I Wish You Told Me From The Start, That You Were Gonna Break My Heart.

2.A Heartbreaking is a blessing From Almighty, It’s just his way of letting you to realize he saved you from the wrong one.

3.Sometimes, you have to smile to hold back the tears.

4.People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.