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Is Your Boyfriend And You Spontaneous Happy Valentine Day

The last few months, my girlfriend and I talked about where and how we were going to summer holidays. First, we decided that we needed two weeks to Thailand for diving, which would be a fantastic summer holiday, but it would simultaneously also be very expensive. Next, we agreed that we would rather save the money for a trip to the Danish West Indies in the spring. And finally we talked about going on a long weekend to Sweden, where we either had to stay in a derelict farm or at a campground in a tent.

All three solutions were very sensible in their own way and they were all debated for many hours – and eventually be scrapped. It was in fact a completely fourth option because yesterday we were lured to spontaneously book a flight to Alanya in Turkey because a good opportunity presented itself.

Such good opportunities arise constantly and so it is essential that both parties a flexible decorated, so there is opportunity to be spontaneous, so we can get a good experience of Happy Valentine Day Love 2017

Spontaneity is a breath of fresh air to our lives

when we are spontaneous then experiences often even better than if we have arranged them several months ago. With large planned thing happens namely easily that we are going to screw expectations so high that they eventually can only disappoint. In contrast, when we are spontaneous, so we have no great expectations. At the same time we are expanding our our horizons when we are spontaneous when we “lured” to try new things.

Neither my girlfriend nor I have been in Alanya before and none of us have actually seen Turkey as an opportunity, but as a good opportunity presented itself, so we pitched to – and now we crazy!

Start small, and do you Happy Valentine Day

if your boyfriend and you are not used to being spontaneous, start out small, and do you in it. As a start, you can for example. set aside a day to run a long trip in your car. Just drive start browsing without a proper objective and see what happens along the way. For this to have an effect, and you will of course not choose the route of the usual. Instead, try running a brand new path and see where I end up pregnant.

It may sound elementary, but as in get used your thinking to work more spontaneously, you will faster and faster to spot and seize the good opportunities that arise.

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