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The Best Phrases Of Love Songs For Happy Valentines Day Love 2019

The Best Phrases Of Love Songs For Happy Valentines Day Love 2019 The world is full of beautiful signs of love , we are practically surrounded by them, with the family, with your partner, in the movies, in the theater … and of course, also in the songs we listen to. Love is something very present in our day to day, and for that reason many songs that we hear throughout the day, have as main theme the love and the relationships.Happy Valentine DayIn them they talk about how beautiful it can be to be in love , but sometimes they also talk about other types of love, such as can be felt by a good friend, or even those loves that unfortunately do not have a happy ending, since In our life we are going to live all these types of situations at least once.

love songs

So that you know them all, then we show you the best phrases of love songs .

1 Love song phrases

2 Pretty phrases of songs

3 Friendly song phrases

4 Sad song phrases

5 Why is it good to read phrases of love songs?

6 Can I use these beautiful song phrases to make love?



If you want the stars to turn the sky, there are no dreams impossible or so far.

I know you better than anyone, it’s you who reminds me of my way, who reminds me who I am.

Before I spend more time with you love, I have to say that you are the love of my life.

Love is something that should touch everyone equally.

A life without love is not worth living.

I have no plans after tonight, I prefer to be a mystery what life gives us.

At last the love I had hoped for has come, I finally feel complete and happy.

I love you from the first moment I saw you.

Thank you for being my eyes when I could not see.

You must know that you are the love of my life.

I warn you, you’re going to love me.

Neither with you nor without you, neither with you nor without you, thus I can not live.

I love you from the first moment I saw you and for some time I was looking for you and I imagined you like this.

I want to be with you and give you my love, give you a kiss and see your eyes enjoying mine.

You are only what I love most in this life.

happy valentines day my love pictures
happy valentines day my love pictures


If you let out your fears, you will have more space to live your dreams.

Let’s toast to all those who are wrong in every possible way.

I have very few things in my life, but with them I am happy.

I’m beautiful in my way, I’m on the right path because I was born this way.

There are songs that close your eyes remind you of a special person.

Songs are the best way to cheer the heart.

Being happy is free, so be happy without anything else.

Always smile, never let anything change you, that nothing or nobody makes you unhappy, because you are perfect just the way you are.

Do not hesitate to live adventures, think about what life you would really like to live and go for it without thinking of anything else.

My father said to me as a child, live a life you want to remember.

When you are small everything seems more important, the laughter is stronger and the pain more painful.

He thinks that every day the sun rises, which means another new opportunity, a day in which, if you try, everything can change.


You are my brother of the soul really a friend, who in every way and day is always with me.

Life is too short to be surrounded by people who are not worth it, so if you want to be happy you must find real friends.

Why not be friends, be united, count on me so that I can help you? It can be done, working together will get it.

No one like you to make me smile.

That is why you must always remember that there is a friend in me.

There are things that matter more than others, I for example before the money always put the friendship.

Close your eyes and give me your hand, you’re my friend, I’ll never let you down.

At last I have found a real friend, a friend that I will never forget.

When I think I’m right, everyone else says no, not too bad I found friends who think just like me.

If there is something to hide or there is something to say, it will always be a friend the first to know.

Happy Valentines Day My Love


And die with you if you kill yourself and kill me with you if you die, because love when it does not die kills, because loves that kill never die.

Today I wonder what will become of you, I had you so close but now you are so far away.

I drank my reason, I smoked my heart and I will not see you again, I could not collect the water with oil.

I want to move to the neighborhood of joy years ago, but whenever I try, the tram has already left.

You know I do everything for you, the good and the bad is always for you.

Who I want to cheat, I think I’ll never forget you.

True love never abandons, it just forgives.

Because I loved you so much, now I have to live the torture of being without you again.

My hands and my kisses beg your return.

How I wish I had it as clear as you have it.

How dare you come back? Loneliness had treated me well.

What is true is that I have never kissed again with my eyes closed. That’s just for lovers.

Little by little everything will return to normal, everything will be as it was then.

You taught me hundreds of things, but you forgot to teach me how to forget you.

We are more and more sunken ships.

I’m sorry, but do not try to find the same thing that you had with me. Such relationships only happen once in a lifetime.

If you really love me, why do you want to let me go?

There are days when everything is wrong.

If you do not come back, like a dog I’ll stay waiting for you.

Falling In Love Valentines Cards For Her


The phrases of love songs can be a very good way to reflect on the relationships we have in our lives, about the different ways of seeing them, and we can even realize that things unfortunately will not always go as we want.

Love song phrases

Therefore, it is a great idea to lie in bed, relax and put those songs that generate more feelings in you. But this time, trying to understand perfectly what your lyrics are telling you.

Surely you’re going to see them in a totally different way, and maybe even songs that you did not like before, now become your favorites.


You may want to know if it’s okay to use these nice song phrases to tell you what you feel about a person, or tell your best friend that you’re very glad to have him in your life. The truth is that yes, it is a great idea, since it is an original and fun way to make the people you want to see that you think about them.

In addition, another advantage is that you can use them in very different ways, here are some examples:

Writing them , for example, what you can do is simply choose the fragment of the song you like and write it on paper or on the mobile phone and then send it to you. Surely reading it makes you very excited, even if you do not know that it belongs to a song you like.

Reading it in person , if you like this idea more, instead of sending that fragment in a paper, you can read it in person, this way you will be able to see your face while you do it, which will make it a really special moment.

Singing it , this method is only for the most daring since it depends on your abilities as an artist that this works out well. If it’s for a friend, it really does not matter whether you sing it right or wrong, since the idea is that it’s going to be a really fun time for both of you, and even if you feel like you can do a whole choreography.


On the contrary, if the song you have chosen reminds you of a person you like and you want to know it, it is best that you try to sing well, otherwise, and especially if you do not have too much confidence with that person, you can That thinks that it is just a joke of bad taste.

Put it on the radio , finally, if you just want to insinuate your feelings to someone special, you can dedicate it on the radio, or simply put it when you are together, and suggest that you notice what the lyrics say.

Whichever option you choose, the person you love is sure to love that you have thought of it and that you have used these phrases of love songs .


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