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Become A Better Lover With 20Step Guide Happy Valentine Day

There are many ways to become a better boyfriend on. One of them is the new pocket guides from 20stepguide that contains a series of practical exercises that help you become a better boyfriend. In this post, I talked Sasa Kovacevic who is one of the founders.

Learn more about the new concept and how it can help you and your boyfriend Happy Valentine Day Love 2017

What 20stepguide?

20stepguide consists of many different guides in short form. Each guide consists of 25 maps that through 20 exercises teach you to be good at a particular subject property. On each map you will find an exercise that you need to do to achieve your goal. Initially made five topics: “Become a better lover”, “Save money in everyday life”, “Get a lower fat percentage,” Make money online “and” Be effective in weekdays “. In time we will expand to all sorts of topics such as “How to stop smoking” or “How to run a marathon.”

Why have you chosen to make it as small guides?

Basically because we do not believe that you need to read hundreds of pages long books for being good at something. Instead, we believe that you have to perform some exercises and solve some tasks. On each card, we have therefore chosen to tell the reader exactly what he / she needs to do. Learning is about action, not to read.

How can “Become a better lover” help me?

In the guide “Become a better lover” We interviewed a lot of couples and found to twenty exercises that make you a better lover. All the exercises are easy to get started and make you a girlfriend who is both romantic and interesting to be with.

Who is the target audience for it?

Love is fortunately something we all feel, so the target audience is broad. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone can get something out of reading 20stepguide.

How have you selected the exercises?

We have, as I said, interviewed a lot of couples and asked them how they make each other’s live more interesting and exciting. Then we tested them on a lot of couples and found the exercises that work best.

In other words, if you follow all 20 exercises, you will be a real dream girlfriend 😉

Can you unveil one of the exercises?


Of course: Your girlfriend’s friends are your friends

It is not always easy, but you become a much better lover if you are friends with your girlfriend’s friends. Their respect is in fact extremely valuable, as your boyfriend will appreciate that his or her friends love you!


Be present when your boyfriend has friends visiting. Join the conversation and create a good atmosphere. If the opportunity presents itself, so bring in the city along with your girlfriend and friends. Of course, only if your girlfriend think it’s okay. No one likes the boring girlfriend who sits at home and trills thumbs.

Where can I buy it gone? and what does it cost?

You can buy 20stepguide “Become a better lover” in most Bog & ide stores across the country, and a number of books and paper shops and a number of other bookstores.

In conclusion: Do you have a great romantic advice?

Generally, you as a girlfriend be interesting and enriching his partner’s life. If you do, then you make your girlfriend happy and you make even your own life much more exciting. How you do this, you can read more about the wizard.

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