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Attract Men in Public | Happy Valentines Day Love

It’s easy to attract men in public; all you have to do is know the secrets to stand out from the rest.


Start preparing. In a public place you can meet anyone. Try to choose places where you think the type of people you want to meet would spend time. A bar can be a good place to meet someone, but you are more likely to meet someone with alcohol problems if you know someone there.

Think that there is no “the rest”, only YOU. Do not worry about what other women are doing. Do not do the same, you are not like them. He is not with them, so do what they do and see how they will not help you. What kind of person do you want him to want? Strive to be that person.



Make eye contact with attractive men. In any situation, lengthening eye contact will give you the message that you are interested in it. The bigger your smile, it’s a sign of how aggressive you want it to be. You do not smile at all and there may be several casual encounters before I tell you something. A big smile could scare him away. If you’re really interested in a particular guy, why play? Perhaps a greeting with the head is necessary to give the signal that he needs to come to see you. In a situation where there are many distractions, you may have to approach him, even if it is casual. “Excuse me, do you have the time?” It will make you notice and give you the opportunity to decide if you want to know. “Sorry, it looks like I lost my earring; can you help me find it?” This question will not only make you notice, but he will wait for you to never find your earring, so he will have the opportunity to chat with you. In a first encounter it is important that he establishes his expectations. The more sensual your behavior is or if you have sensual lips pursed, he may be inclined to think of you only for one thing.

Get dressed to impress, but be modest. Whatever your body type, age or shape, there is a style of clothing, color, hair, whatever, which suits you best. Also, do not let your body type, age or shape get in the way. Almost any woman can get almost any boy if he does the right things. Do not dress in a way that you would not wear with him. This means: no oily hair, tight fitting clothes that leave much to the imagination and a slight scent of seductive perfume that will leave men thinking what makes you smell so good.

Do not fool yourself with false advertising. If you have to look too attractive to attract a man, believe me you do not want it. Do not overdo the makeup, do not wear high heels, do not wear a dress that is too tight. Do not cover everything, but do not show everything either. Go with your own hair as much as you can.

Happy Valentines day love 2017


Feel safe Wait until most of the men you know are never more than known. Most men prefer safe and happy women. So do not be afraid to take the first step, do not be afraid to strike up a conversation with a man. If a boy has to start a conversation, then he will think you are a possible conquest, rather than someone he should take seriously. Even if it does not work, or you do not get anything to know him, he could tell a friend, “Hey, I met this great girl, let me introduce her to you.”

Do not be desperate It is good for people to know that you are available. The boys want to meet friendly girls, but entertaining. They want to know that it is okay to approach you and if you invest time in knowing them, you will see that they are special, just like you.


  • Make a transformation for yourself, this will not only increase your confidence, but it will give you what you need to look attractive.
  • Practice your looks, your expressions or your smile in the mirror, as you practice to pose for the photograph of your license.


  • Be aware of the safety of the men you attract in public. If he is close to the road, he may be distracted enough to get into traffic or hit a pole, or he may be an unsuspecting pedestrian with a cup of tea that he spills later. Safety first of all, ladies, safety first of all.
  • It is very bad to wear too pronounced necklines or too short pants so that your attributes stand out but in a vulgar way. With that you will give a very bad message about your reputation.



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