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How To Ask a Girl To Be Your Happy Valentines Day Love

Asking a girl to be your girlfriend is not an easy task, especially when you’re a little shy. The girl of your dreams may be delighted that you invite her out; however, there comes a time when you have to have the guts to formalize the relationship; otherwise you could lose a valuable opportunity. Read these tips, breathe courage and ask. Remember that the best thing you have to do is be yourself.

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How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

  • Get closer to the girl you like. Among the girls you know, one has to call attention to you in a special way. Seek to establish eye contact with her, so you will know if you are also nice to her.
  • Flirt a little! Relax; the girls also wait for a signal to indicate that you are interested. The eyes say a lot, also a smile. Be honest; make her feel confident with you.
  • Make him laugh. Jokes slightly about the topics they have in common, so that she understands your jokes and realizes that you are a fun person who is not afraid to show her ideas.
  • Talk to him Conversation is an important element if you want to keep your attention. Keep in mind that relationships are based on a fluid communication, so your challenge will be to find the interests that move you to the conversation, to the point that you will only have to launch a question so that she is the one who tells you the whole story.
  • Ask her for get out. The cinema, a coffee, in short, any activity that both enjoy, is an opportunity for them to get to know each other better. Go for a walk, share something to eat or drink, it does not have to involve an excessive expenditure of money to have a good time
  • Do the question. After a few exits together there will come a time when the two of you will be wondering what’s next. Recognize that moment, remember that she does not mind that it’s hard for you, leave cowardice aside and ask her “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”


  • Wait for the answer If he says he wants to think about it, give him time.
  • Keep calm. If she says no, respects her decision and tries to keep her as a friend, sometimes she will give you her yes later, or it will always be good to keep someone with whom she has a good time.
  • Open yourself to the possibilities. Something very important that you must keep in mind is that all the girls are different. Depending on the type of girl, it will be the way to get to the question.
  • Be willing matter. In many countries you do not even ask the girl if she wants to be your girlfriend. Just give her a kiss at the right time and ready, or she could ask you. Remember that interpersonal relationships are subject to change according to times and places.
  • When you are already an adult, the question “do you want to be my girlfriend?” It may be a bit childish. The best thing is to do it indirectly so that she implicitly captures it as you want me to be your girlfriend? (Obviously she will not tell you).



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  • Never press a girl. Otherwise, it will start to avoid you. I could even spread the word or even report you. Avoid a bad reputation.
  • Do not harass. Be careful that the girl feels persecuted. People who feel threatened or trapped tend to respond violently, give them their space. Also, you could get into serious trouble, in many countries harassing a woman is a crime.
  • If she rejects you, chances are that you’re simply not “her type” (that is, she does not like you) or maybe her boyfriend already has her. And if you did not have it when you met her, it is likely that she had a close friend who was declared before you.
  • Do not court a committed girl. Preferably, you must be sure that she has no boyfriend, so you avoid bad times, because when there are love triangles, on your part or yours, there are also conflicts. If the girl is with you to make her boyfriend jealous, get away from her as soon as possible! You could end up in very serious problems and she would tarnish her reputation.
  • If she asks you to be your girlfriend, you have to give her expensive gifts, take her to luxurious places (fine restaurants, sumptuous places, etc.), have a latest model car, wear expensive brand clothes, etc .; Then leave it! She is an interested one and if you please her in everything she will end up taking advantage of you.

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