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5 ways to tell your partner I love you on Happy Valentines Day

Expressing the love you feel for your partner is important. When you say “I love you”  you become more aware of that feeling. You commit yourself to it and accept the responsibility of pampering it, protecting it, feeding it. And when your partner listens to those words on your lips he feels appreciated, valued, and safe. Experience the same desire to give and receive love, to strengthen their union.

It is always a good time to express love, because those words are never spent, just the opposite.




But it can also be romantic and fun to find new, unexpected, original ways to tell our love how much we love him. It is not necessary to do anything spectacular, just to get him or she moved. Here are some ideas:

  1. Tell them in writing. Feelings are not always easy to express loudly. Many people are limited by shyness or lack of habit when it comes to undressing their hearts. But when we write it is different. Without urgency or pressure, with time to reflect, erase and add, connect with our hearts, words flow pure and free. And also, the love letter or email you write will be forever.
  2. Recognize what he does for you or for the good of the relationship, and remind him of the qualities you like about him or her. When we take time with someone, we take things for granted. That attenuates passion and romanticism, but fortunately these can be recovered.

Remember why your partner fell in love with you and why you feel happy, despite the ups and downs and the problems that I am with you. Tell her. Thank him for the daily gestures. Share with him or her how lucky you feel because they are together.

  1. Tell your story. Choose your best photos together and make a presentation, a blog, a book or an album of photos printed in the traditional way.



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Add texts that speak of your common history: how you met, what made you fall in love with the other, what makes you stay united in the good and the bad … This is a precious gift and it does not cost money, but it has an incalculable sentimental value. It is ideal to share not only with the couple, but also with your loved ones: children, close friends, parents, etc. You can even hang it on the internet to inspire other people.

  1. Give her something special. Like what? Well something he always wanted to have when he was small or small but his parents never gave it to him or could not afford it. Or that whim that you know you’d like to give yourself but you never decide because you think it’s too eccentric or selfish. You can also give her your time, doing with him or with her something that you know she would love to do with you although you have always resisted because you did not feel like much. You may find that it is more fun or interesting than it seems. And if not, you will have made him happy by sharing his hobbies for a while.
  2. Play together. Love must be romantic, but it does not have to be solemn or boring. Your partner will love having unexpected and fun details with him or her.

They are simple gestures that brighten the heart and put us in touch with the children and teenagers we were. For example: leave affectionate notes or postcards in the briefcase or in the windshield of your car. Invent a game so you can guess the clues until you find the final surprise. Take it on a trip, skate, ride a bike, eat a sandwich and a drink in the park or at the zoo.

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