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Happy Valentines Day I Love u

In 1840 an American commercial called Esther A. Holland, began to sell the first congratulations for the day of the lovers with the name of Valentines.


The success was so relevant that the feat was repeated the following year and the merchants of the area adopted it as a tradition, which gradually added some regular elements of the current celebrations such as chocolates and roses, turning Valentine in the commercial boom we know.

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Congratulations, valentines day

The celebration began exporting to other countries to be imported directly with the name of Day Enamoradoos and in Latin America the celebration is known as the day of love and friendship , but in essence its meaning does not vary too much or the way to celebrate.


In South American countries friends also celebrate Valentine ‘s Day and flowers are given away among them, because depending on the meaning of the flower can express different feelings and emotions, in addition to the classic passionate love is symbolized by a red rose.happy valentines day

The meanings of the gifts and the way to give them also present nuances in the celebrations between one country and another, for example, in Colombia the gifts are anonymous and are also given among friends, while in Costa Rica it is celebrated with the whole family.


In Japan it is women who must give sweets to men on Valentine ‘s Day  and that tradition is so ingrained that even becomes an obligation. The fourteenth of March is the day reserved for women who are given by men, but this day is not known as the day of lovers if not as the day Blanco and the gifts offered during the celebration must be of that color, being This is perhaps one of the most atypical celebrations of Valentine that are celebrated all over the world.

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