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Set Time For A Date Every Week Happy Valentine Day

I have a really good advice I like to share with all other couples.It is a council which in so many ways made my and my dear husband’s relationship much better. It is to determine the time a date or two every week. Depending on how much you need. For our vedkomne we have an agreement that we every Sunday agree on an afternoon and particular night over the weekend in the coming week, Happy Valentine Day we need each other. It should of course be flexible and if we are very busy one week, we will find a solution to it, however it is important to prioitere these dates loud. We take turns to find the dates here and it means that we both have influence on how they are used.

Our relationship has significantly improved since we started on this! The care of each other, the laughter and the desire to each other is highly improved.

For my husband’s vedkomne he achieves what most people really want, namely to make his girlfriend happy. He experiences that I have a greater acceptance of the things he’s doing with other people, which I do not participate, and the time he spends on other things than me. It makes him feel a greater freedom. He knows when I expect that he “available” for me and when I did not expect him to do it. It makes while he also welcomes even more to spend time with me.

For my Happy Valentine Day love 2017 do, that I have something to look forward to all the time. I feel more loved and I will be more happy and positive girlfriend. I love to feel how much he is looking forward to be with me, which has improved considerably since we started on our dates.

I recommend it to everyone I know, as it has been so important to us!

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