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101 Declarations Of Love Happy Valentines Day

101 Declarations Of Love Happy Valentines Day

There are many ways to express love, Happy Valentines Day but certainly one of the best ways to send a loved one a simple and spontaneous short phrase that is able to express all those feelings that love provokes us.

Declaring love to a person is very beautiful and beautiful, there are people that comes naturally and there are other people to say I love you or show their feelings they usually cost more … Be as you are, if you are thinking of declaring your Love for the first time or want to fall in love with your partner we can inspire you …

We have selected the 101 best declarations of love that you have sent through forums and emails.

101 phrases and declarations of love that are yours and that you have shared with us to share with everyone, thank you !.

♥ 101 ways to express love ♥

1 . You showed up without warning. My life was completed and now it makes sense. I would not change her for anything, or anyone.

  1. The brightness of your eyes, your breath, your warmth … makes my heart throb. I could not live without you.
  2. Be on your side forever, hear your voice is all I want. There will be nothing that can fill my life with happiness and illusion.
  3. You drive me crazy. I am learning that this form of sweet and happy craziness is the best way to live. Do not ever leave me.
  4. I absorb, you penetrate me, Colmas my cravings.

You are becoming the only important thing in my life.

  1. Deeply in love with you, I begin to know who I am. Although I really care about you.
  2. I was born to live and die by your side and when this happens, my soul will never be separated from you. I’m fused to you.
  3. Thank you for existing, you invent not have met. I could not live without you.
  4. It is hard not to want all people only see you. But really love you to despair, only me.
  5. I do not care that we are different, we think very different, that we are not compatible … I just agree with you in wanting to be together forever.

101 love phrases for Happy Valentines Day love Cards.

  1. The first kiss united us forever and every time I kiss you again turns the universe and renew our love.
  2. You made me feel like a new woman. You make me want to improve every day. You are my guide and my benefactor.
  3. Every night I dream of you and every waking with the hope of seeing you tomorrow, hear, although not yet know
  4. The more stones on our way’m more I want to go walking with you. The word impossible with you does not exist.
  5. Without you live work cost me, your presence gives me life, breath and throb with the beat of your heart, I need you.
  6. ‘re the best thing that happened to me in life. A thousand times I could live and a thousand times I would repeat the same love story with you.
  7. Every night I die in your arms and every morning the sun rises and is returned to you. This routine would not change her for anything.
  8. What I feel for you is so strong that heat the house for the rest of your life.
  9. Do not ever say I love you, but let me prove it every minute the rest of my life. you want?

Short love phrases

  1. You have changed the argument of my life. It is impossible that there is a novel of love as beautiful as ours. On every page, in every paragraph you are.
  2. With you I feel invincible, you give me encouragement, strength, energy, together have learned that there is nothing that can come between us ..
  3. Without you my life has no meaning, my soul and my heart wanders lost is lost.
  4. I am made for you, if you miss me I’m incomplete Let me steal your heart and can live happy.
  5. Hear me shivers your name, pronouncing it relieves me, call me stirred. Come and do not make me wait any longer.
  6. I sense something new inside me …. Something fiery, incredible, magical and romantic: you.
  7. You’re everything to me: cheerful, refined, interesting, romantic, wise, reckless, predictable, mysterious, cold, infinite and human warm.
  8. You’re everything to me: friend, companion, confidant, accomplice, understanding, loyal, tender, loving, and infinite human.
  9. Contigo calendar every day are Valentine .
  10. I want the waves bring the edge of my life the greatest treasure of the earth: you.

Declarations of love

  1. You and I do not need words to touch us look at ourselves and know everything about each other.
  2. Blue Eyes, lips strawberry perfume of roses and carnations … With so much charm me become more and more crazy every day.
  3. It would be able to give everything without receiving anything in return. I confess that I am your slave and I would renounce my freedom a thousand times to get your love.
  4. You are so special and unique that drive me crazy with desire and not what can never control.
  5. You’re my silence in the middle of the noise, my light in the darkness, my shelter in the storm, are my life …
  6. Each second without you is a perpetuity; Every day at your side for a second.
  7. Thank you for making me feel excited and happy every day of my life. I can not ask for more life.
  8. I love you like going from here to the farthest star of the universe and return back again.
  9. If you could write would be the author of the most beautiful love story, but the truth is that for that would only have to put your name on each page.
  10. I do not feel close chokes, not far beyond the contact of our bodies, everything else tastes like cold and lifeless.
  11. When I see you, sleep, and when I dream, I see you. I do not know when I’m awake anymore.
  12. I do not know when you’ll want me, I know that I have to conquer …
  13. I do not know what happens to me. I’m dying to be with you. I can not stop dreaming, thinking about you.
  14. When I look in your eyes , my legs are shaking, gives me heart sank, I stirred breathing … is it because you want?
  15. With you I have found my guiding light when darkness dwelt in my heart
  16. How easy it is to look even closing my eyes, when I feel so inside me.
  17. I gave the key that opens my heart and since I could not be happier. Thanks for making me so happy.
  18. We are imperfect but together, despite me you and yet, we are perfectly.
  19. You filled my whole light and now, without sun, life in the dark can only miss you. You will come back?
  20. Since you said ” I love you ” changed my life being so happy. Like I never dreamed.

Romantic love statements

  1. Every time I look at you shine like a star that illuminates my life, I give me joy and desire to be happy.
  2. Without you I would die for you life would. I love you, my life.
  3. Every time you go away, I stay in the sad night, every time you appear the day is full of light and joy.
  4. I know I can not live without you, you’ve stolen my heart.
  5. The fate and chance brought us together, since there is no destination than you and more chance to love as anyone and anything in the world.
  6. I wonder if you saw the woman I love. And I told you maybe every morning. You got confused. And you do not realize that you see it every time you look in the mirror.
  7. The joy of the sun only perceive it reflected in your pupils. When you leave everything becomes sad and dark. That’s why I need to hold you by my side. I adore you.
  8. I am happy feeling part of you. It is an inexplicable yet wonderful feeling that would not change for anything in the world.
  9. I’ve noticed that I’m happy if you you are, even with somebody else do you realize how much I love you?
  10. You started as my dream, you became my passion, and you now own my heart.
  11. Just thinking about you makes me sigh. Just dreaming of you makes me shiver. Sighing and shuddering I can only think of you.

Declarations of love

  1. If there is reincarnation, be sure that you’ll love all my life.
  2. With you everything is special. You hallucinate me, you make of each of our moments something magical, complement me, improve me … I think I’m a better person thanks to you.
  3. dreamed always be with you. Now that I’m with you I think I’m dreaming ..
  4. There is nothing in the world that would make me happier, to grow old with you.
  1. Your kisses make me ascend to heaven. In heaven you are and you are the greatest of the heavens. That’s why I call you that.
  2. Not all the words, not with all the poetry, not with all the songs could express everything I feel for you.
  3. I started living when I found and since then the only thing I fear is losing and start to die.
  4. I like to feel the beating of your heart, I like to soak with your sweat, I like to breathe the air of your mouth, I like the perfume of your skin. I like you…
  5. For you expect the Arctic ice melt. And I would not lack much time with the fire of my love.

Sincere love statements

  1. For making me be so happy, I feel you touch the sky and stars.
  2. Without you, the dreams would be just that … dreams. Living with you is the best of dreams.
  3. Share with you the rest of our lives will make me very short, hopefully I can find another life.
  4. Because you are the light of my eyes and the air I breathe do not leave me.
  1. He would fight for you, fool for you, give my life for you. And without you it would not be worth living.
  2. Thanks for making me believe, for me change for the better. For making it easy. Thank you for being you.
  3. You are what makes me live, which makes me feel …
  4. I remember your kisses, I remember your laughter, I remember your eyes, I remember that I can not stop remembering you. My memories do not give me respite because you are inside of me.
  5. I sensations you produce a sea only look at you. I love you.
  6. How simply say I love you? How can tell you that I can not live without you?

Declarations love for lovers

  1. I need your support, understanding, complicity, imagination, desire, passion and above all your love.
  2. You are present and my future. Without you, I am nobody..
  3. You are the only woman that I do not need to dream, I just think of you.
  4. I want to hold you close to my eyes, and much closer to my life …
  5. I love it when you laugh, I love when you cry, when you speak, you get excited, you are sad, when you cry, moan, paleness, sonrojeces me encantas you.
  6. Within my will always carry with me and if I let my breath just a moment I lack.
  7. Growing old with you is like rejuvenate every day, I will fight every second to be with you a long life.
  8. I do not know if you know, but I’m going to work every day for you, I live for you, I die for you …
  9. For me there is no life without you. I love you so much that when I think of your death I think of dying with you. I wish you health so that you make me happy all my life, without you I would die.
  10. The language of your body is my language, your eyes are mine, your feelings also do mine and you give them back acrecentados to infinity.


  1. I take an infinite pleasure, only for your love.
  2. A thousand times was born, a thousand times you would look across five continents to find you and make you mine ..
  3. You are the forbidden fruit! If God put you on earth is for some reason … I want to continue to bite you …
  4. If deshojaras thousand margaritas you will always come out the same answer. Yes.
  5. I love your body, I like your lips, your eyes seduce me … Every time I see you the day lights up with your smile and you become the reason why I live.
  6. Although far and worried, when I think about you I smile. And when I’m near you, I shudder.
  7. You are the place where I take refuge, sleep, rest, vibro, abandon me and I’m happy.
  8. Since that night, I can not stop thinking about you. You’ve filled all the holes in my heart.
  9. You’re not the first woman in my life but I want you to be the only and last.
  10. If you look at me you’ll see what I feel, I can not stop loving you for a moment in my thoughts. My eyes look at you and tell you that I love you.
  11. ‘ll cross a thousand deserts, will sail a thousand oceans but I will find you and I will live obsessed make you happy
  12. Do not go. Do not resist, do not strain yourself. I will tie you forever with the strength of my feelings.


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