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10 Ideas For Valentines Day

10 Ideas For Valentines Day We have collected ten ideas for you who would like to celebrate Valentines Day – either with a girlfriend, with your girlfriend or maybe alone. Watch here!

1. See a lot of love movies. We can definitely recommend “50 First Dates,” “Love Actually,” “PS I love you”, “Ghost”, “Remember Me” and “Letters to Juliet”. Write in the comment box below what love movies you can recommend.

2. Make a delicious dinner and invite girlfriends or girlfriend about. Remember the candles and maybe a little hearts on the table, so there are a Valentines atmosphere. Find delicious recipes here. Happy Valentine Day 

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10 Ideas For Valentines Day

3. Should you just relax for the day, then write some sweet Valentines cards to those you love. Write to your best friends, your lover, parents or grandparents. They are max happy they sweet words from you.

4. Valentines Day is all about pampering, so why not treat yourself? Grab a foot bath, try a treatment, practice to lay the perfect eye makeup or slip a trip to the hairdresser.

5. Take in a movie with your girlfriend or boyfriend. I do not have to watch a love film, just to take the cinema with popcorn and soft drinks are the top cozy.

6. Are you silly with love-stories, so it is perhaps today, you need to start writing your own love-story. Maybe you’re lucky, it comes with the We Young. Read more about how to write a short story We Young here .

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10 Ideas For Valentines Day

7. Take a ride in a hot tub together with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s great with a game of pampering, and afterwards I deserve a nice hot cup of cocoa at a cozy café.

8. Check if there is something interesting in the vicinity of where you live. It’s winter, so maybe it today, you need to take your loved one for an exciting museum, a concert or perhaps a cozy shopping sprees.

10 Ideas For Valentines Day

9. Would not it be super romantic to get a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? Grab your phone and send a cute text message to him, you love. See how you score on SMS.

10. Do you love to write, write a post to readers blog on viunge.dk and tell us about love. Maybe you can be inspired by Noor Mayassis post about what love is.

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